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An Interactive Webinar Series on the Benefits of University in the UK for your Future Career Aspirations

TutorYou in collaboration with the British Council and our prestigious University partners is bringing you an innovative series of webinars focusing on employability and career prospects. With presentations by staff and academics from some of the UK’s most respected institutions, we are ready to help you discover your path.

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Established in 2014, TutorYou was the first company in Italy to provide IB, GCSE/IGCSE, MYP & A-Level tutoring services through a Global Student Network of 450 tutors studying in some of the most prestigious institutions around the world.

Today, TutorYou is a registered UCAS center and has a dedicated University Division which provides extensive support in applying to Universities in the UK, U.S.A., and in Europe including France, Spain and the Netherlands.

We offer a variety of services to assist students with their university application, including Consulting, Personal Statement and Portfolio support, Entrance Exam and Interview preparation,  and more.

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The British Council builds connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and other countries through arts and culture, education and the English language.

We help young people to gain the skills, confidence and connections they are looking for to realise their potential and to participate in strong and inclusive communities. We support them to learn English, to get a high-quality education and to gain internationally recognised qualifications.

The British Council in Italy offers IELTS tests in more than 40 locations including Rome, Milan, Naples and other Italian cities with up to four test dates per month.

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Opening Session: Personal Statements

Presented by: Maria Goncharova & Natalia Boulafenti, TutorYou

3rd May 2021 – 17:00 CET

With more than 6 years of experience in helping students discover their path, TutorYou is excited to kick off our innovative webinar series in collaboration with the British Council. In this session, TutorYou team members Maria and Natalia will present an essential component of the UCAS application: the Personal Statement.

Complete with expert tips on how to write the PS as well as how our Global Student Network and University Division can help, we hope we can answer some of your most pressing questions and simplify the process of applying to University in the UK.

Business & Management Studies

Presented by: Emma Thomas, City, University of London

4th May 2021 – 17:00 CET

City, University of London is a world-class University based in the heart of central London and attracts more than 20,000 students from over 160 countries. The Business School (formerly Cass) is one of City, University of London’s five Schools. It is among Europe’s leading business schools and in the global elite of business schools that hold the gold standard of ‘triple-crown’ accreditation.

So why should you study business? What will it be like? What professional opportunities will you have? This session will answer these important questions and will give you an insight into what it might be like studying at a top business school in the UK.

Marketing & Advertising

Presented by: Lancaster University

5th May 2021 – 17:00 CET

Are you convinced by Apple’s new product launches? Are you moved by Nike’s and Colin Kapernick’s Dream Crazy ad? Are you inspired by Ikea’s zero waste campaign? Are you laughing at Ryanair’s TikTok channel?

Can you see yourself in this world? Come and join us to explore the world of Marketing & Advertising: from university into the workplace!

The session invites you to explore how to build your career in marketing and advertising. How a marketing degree can start you on a road to play a role in the most influential campaigns that reach millions of people around the world. We will look at which degree programme could be the right one for you and where it might take you beyond graduation.

Politics & International Relations

Presented by: Dr Joseph O’Mahoney, Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, University of Reading

6th of May – 17:00 CET


Explore the stimulating and varied field of politics and international relations. In this session, we will discuss what it means to study this subject, including questions of political theory, comparative governmental systems and global politics. The session will also focus on the transferable skills that students can bring to a range of careers. 

At the University of Reading, we equip you for career success through our innovative practical modules and exciting placement opportunities – you won’t just build academic knowledge during your degree; you’ll also develop confidence and skills that will help you to succeed.

Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence

Presented by: Oxford Brookes University

7th of May – 17:00 CET

Join Peter Marshall from the School of Computing and Mathematics at Oxford Brookes University, as he shares more about the opportunities available and how studying a Computing degree can enhance your employability skills upon graduation.
Oxford Brookes is one of the UK’s leading modern universities, based in the historic city of Oxford, with a global reputation for teaching excellence, exciting student life and strong links with business and industry.


Special Session in Careers in Creative Industries

Presented by: Adriane Marriott-Mills, Falmouth University

10th May 2021 – 17:00 CET

How can young people prepare themselves to work in the creative industries and how can you support them? This session will provide you with an overview of the career landscape in the creative industries and offer practical support and advice you can give your students to help them develop creative employability.

We will look at how, at Falmouth University, we map our courses and teaching approaches to industry requirements to ensure the best career outcomes for our students. We will discuss how the creative industries are changing and the skills that will be required from the future creative workforce.

Digital Fashion

Presented by:Professor Jules Dagonet, Head of the School of Fashion & Textiles, University for the Creative Arts

11th of May – 17:00 CET

Professor Jules Dagonet, Head of the School of Fashion & Textiles at the University for the Creative Arts will present how digital fashion is revolutionising the fashion industry from supply chain to e-commerce and fashion gamification. 3D Design skills are quickly becoming a must for all fashion designers.

Criminology & Forensic Sciences

Presented by: Mikaela Green, University of Derby

12th of May – 17:00 CET

Join Mikaela Green (International Officer) and current Italian students at Derby, as they delve deeper into the world of criminology, forensic science, and law.

They will look at the content and examples of how students work together across the subject areas, show live crime scene work and commentary by industry experts, and share what it’s really like to study these subjects. The current students will also share their experience of being international students in Derby and the UK.

Employability in Engineering

Presented by: Julia Pitchford, The University of Sheffield

13th of May – 17:00 CET

UK graduates are amongst the most employable globally. With many world top 100 universities, we are famed not only for academic quality but also integrated professional accreditation.

Employability is embedded into all UK programmes but an Engineering degree can lead to a huge spectrum of job prospects, giving hands-on experience and opportunities led by world-leading industry partners. The principles behind this are mirrored across the sector and so this webinar aims to highlight employment opportunities with UK Engineering degrees, and explain how ‘best value’ and ‘most affordable’ are not necessarily the same thing.


Presented by: Tim Fenton, Senior Lecturer, Department of Literature Film and Theatre Studies, University of Essex

14th of May – 17:00 CET

In this session, Tim Fenton (former Managing Editor of BBC Online) will define what it means to study journalism; the skills one can develop, the competencies needed to succeed, and the exciting professional opportunities that it offers.

The University of Essex BA Multimedia Journalism equips students to become journalists with the news awareness, story-getting, and story-telling skills to flourish in today’s multimedia journalism environment and is accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ).

British Council Special Sessions:

Special Session: IELTS (In Italian)

Presented by: Omar Schiavoni, British Council

4th & 11th May 2021 – 14:00 CET

IELTS takes you places!

IELTS – International English Language Testing System – è il test di lingua inglese più popolare al mondo. Il test IELTS viene accettato da oltre 10.000 organizzazioni in più di 140 Paesi, rendendolo di fatto un certificato che arricchisce il curriculum vitae di qualsiasi professionista e permettendo, a chi lo ha sostenuto, di dimostrare le proprie competenze linguistiche per candidature a posizioni lavorative e corsi universitari.

IELTS è anche accettato da tutte le autorità di immigrazione che richiedono un test di lingua inglese. Il British Council organizza sessioni del test IELTS al computer e in formato cartaceo in oltre 40 città in Italia.

Special Session: Marketing Yourself

Presented by: Bruce Warburton, British Council

5th May 2021 – 18:30 CET

In a fast-changing world, it is difficult to predict what skills will be important for future generations. However, there is one thing that experts agree on. The ability to communicate effectively will be of paramount importance for the foreseeable future. 

People who are entering university today will need to be able to present themselves, facts, and ideas to an audience in both academic and professional environments. 

This thirty-minute webinar will explore the qualities and abilities needed to interact with an audience to gain and keep its attention in both face to face and online environments. 


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Unsure about what to study? Intimidated by the application process for universities in the UK, U.S.A or Europe?

TutorYou’s University Division is equipped with all the tools and resources you could possibly need to find your path. We know how difficult it is to decide your future career while still in school, but our dedicated team is here to help.

Not only are we able to provide you with all the guidance you need to discover your calling through our orientation service, but will also manage the entire application process for you.

Our extensive partner network of over 120 Universities allows us to have direct contacts with some of the most prestigious institutions around the world, meaning we will handle any concern fast and directly.

That way, you can focus on the most important aspects of starting a completely new chapter, stress-free!


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