TutorYou at the UNITOUR International University Fair 2019 Parma

TutorYou at the UNITOUR International University Fair 2019 Parma

This morning TutorYou headed over to Parma for the last UNITOUR International University Fair in Italy this season. Many students attended and got the chance to talk to some fantastic universities from across Europe! Students had a range of interests from langauges to psychology to art, and it was great talking to so such a diverse group of interesting people. Today there was in particular many students who were considering studying in Holland! We discussed the Studielink application process to inform the students of how to start their application.


This was TutorYou’s last UNITOUR fair this season and we would like to thank everyone at UNITOUR for the great opportunities these fairs were, not only for us, but also for the students who were able to learn about the many possibilities they have for higher education.

Thank you to all the univeristies that attended:


If you would like to keep up with UNITOUR’s fair you can find their upcoming events at unitour.es!

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