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1Easter Revision Courses from 08/04/2023 to 16/04/2023 – Milan

1Easter Revision Courses from 15/03/2023 to 26/04/2023 – Online

1Weekend Mini Revision Courses Year Round – Milan & Online



hexblue.comReview of the entire syllabus in 2-3 days per subject (6 hours per day)

hexblue.comAll IB, IGCSE , and Pre-IB Subjects

hexblue.comSmall Classes of 3-6 Students divided by predicted grade

hexblue.comFocus on Exam Technique

hexblue.comTop IB Graduate tutors with an average of 42

TutorYou’s Courses

Winter 2022

Revision Courses

22/12/22 – 09/01/23


Prepare for your mock exams with our online winter courses – 4 hours of tutoring per day for 3 days for a 12-hour review

Spring 2023

Revision Courses

05/04/22 – 16/04/22

Milan & Online

Come visit us during the Easter vacations to prepare for your mock and final exams. Each course includes 6 hours of tutoring per day for 3 days, for a total of 18 hours




Milan & Online

Each weekend, our mini-courses include an in-depth study of various topics and sub-topics of all IB and IGCSE subjects

Some of Our Google Reviews: 



“My son Carlo is attending the IB revision course and is very satisfied. The tutors were very knowledgeable and professional, the course was well organised and focused on a thorough review of the programme.”

– Alessandra Caldara



Taking part in the Spring Revision courses at the ASM was one of the most helpful and fulfilling experiences! As well as revising the enitre program of some of my DP subjects I also had the possibility of meeting new people and sharing with them my experience. I was able to confront myself with university students who had already taken my exams and once shared my same pressure.

– Alice Viganò



“Attentive and professional IB graduate tutors, organised by an efficient, problem solving Managing Director, able to tailor a balanced tutoring proposal. IB review classes held @ ASM, American School of Milan, has been well conceived and very satisfying.”

– Maddalena Passi Pinciroli



“Great community! Very welcoming environment and dedicated tutors. Students can get help from IB graduates that have gone through the process and know exactly what to expect from the final exams and assessments!”

– Elena Spadini

How it Works

Result Maximising Structure


Each course covers the whole subject’s syllabus with practice questions for each topic. This structure enables students to internalise the necessary information in the context of their upcoming exam, maximising final result.

Comprehensive & Intensive Preparation


At the end of the course,  a past paper is done in timed conditions to consolidate the students’ knowledge and enable them to tailor the remainder of their studies to their performance. This combined with the course equips the students with all the necessary tools to tackle the exams.

Tailored for

Exam Success


We help each student maximise their benefit from the courses by providing personalised support that meets their individual requirements and needs. Each student is different, and we make sure that each student is receiving the individual services necessary for them.


Year-Round Solutions




In person group courses include 6 hours of teaching a day for 3 days, for a total of 18 hours. Online group courses include 4 hours of teaching a day for 4 days, for a total of 16 hours.

Private courses are available with slight alterations to the schedule.

Why We’re Different


Small Groups Divided by Predicted Grades


TutorYou offers the smallest class sizes on the market, with a maximum of just 5 students per class for in person courses (usually 3-4 students), and a maximum of 4 students (usually 2-3 students) per class for online courses.

We divide classes by students’ predicted grades to guarantee that students are studying with peers of a similar academic level, facilitating communication and participation, which are highly encouraged throughout the courses.


We Care About Our Students


TutorYou is not a conglomerate corporation, our staff knows each of our students personally and cares about their wellbeing and future.

Our team is always available to help you and ensure that you are receiving the individual support you need.

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 Spring 2023 Session (08/04/23 to 16/04/23) in Milan Spring 2023 Session (05/04/23 to 16/0423) Online Weekend Courses Online Weekend Courses In Person

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Subjects Available 

Pre-IB including:

  • Mathematics HL
  • Mathematics SL
  • Mathematical Studies
  • English Lang & Lit HL
  • English Lang & Lit SL
  • English Literature HL
  • English Literature SL

All IB (Year 12 & 13) including:

  • Mathematics AA HL & SL
  • Mathematics AI HL & SL
  • Economics HL & SL
  • Business Management HL & SL
  • Physics HL & SL
  • Chemistry HL & SL
  • Biology HL & SL
  • Environmental Systems & Societies
  • History HL & SL
  • Philosophy HL & SL
  • Geography HL & SL
  • English Lang & Lit HL & SL
  • English Literature HL & SL


All IGCSE /GCSE Subjects Including:

  • Biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • English First Language
  • English Second Language
  • English Literature
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Additional
  • Physics
  • Science


  • Extended Essay
  • TOK Essay
  • Personal Statement
  • Academic Writing & Research Technique