IB & IGCSE Fall Revision Courses 2022


Date: 22nd October – 1st November 2022

Location: Milan, Italy & Online


Prepare for your mock exams or catch up with your schoolwork with top tutors. Our courses entail an intensive preparation of the entire syllabus of your selected subject(s) in 3 days. Group courses have a maximum of 5 students, divided by predicted grade and academic profile, while individual courses and completely personalised to your requirements.


Prepare for your International Baccalaureate (IB) and IGCSE Exams with TutorYou’s Revision Courses

Spring Preparation for Final Exams


Prepare for your final IB & IGCSE Exams at our Spring session. Revise the entire syllabus and do past paper questions to master exam technique and maximise your final grade.

Spring & Winter Preparation for Mock Exams


Prepare for your final mock exams in the winter or summer if you’re in your first year of the IB. Revise everything you’ve done so far and boost your predicted grades on your university application.

Summer and Fall Exams Preparation


Prepare for your final year of the IB or IGCSE with TutorYou’s summer revision courses, or prepare for our final exams in November and October.

Spring & Summer Pre-IB Courses


The International Baccalaureate is a prestigious but challenging programme, come prepared with the help of our Pre-IB Courses, available for all subjects!

Some of Our Reviews: 




Taking part in the Spring Revision courses at the ASM was one of the most helpful and fulfilling experiences! As well as revising the enitre program of some of my DP subjects I also had the possibility of meeting new people and sharing with them my experience. I was able to confront myself with university students who had already taken my exams and once shared my same pressure.
The tutors I worked with were amazing! They all had a great knowledge of what they were teaching and meanwhile also transmitted a lot of passion, which made the courses much more enjoyable and fun! They helped me to clarify some doubts I had and reinforce my knowledge. I now feel much more confident, prepared and ready to face my exams in a weeks time.
A very big thank you to Alessia, Anna and Maria for the incredible support!

– Alice Viganò



“My son Carlo is attending the IB revision course and is very satisfied. The tutors were very knowledgeable and professional, the course was well organised and focused on a thorough review of the programme.”

– Alessandra Caldara



“Attentive and professional IB graduate tutors, organised by an efficient, problem solving Managing Director, able to tailor a balanced tutoring proposal. IB review classes held @ ASM, American School of Milan, has been well conceived and very satisfying.”

– Maddalena Passi Pinciroli

Remove the Stress and Panic of Upcoming Exams with TutorYou’s

IB & IGCSE Revision Courses

About our Expert Tutors

Our tutors hold an average final grade of 42/45 from the IBDP, and have considerable experience in teaching. As of now, we have more than 500 dedicated tutors attending top institutions around the world!


We Guarantee Small Groups

For all our group IB & IGCSE Revision courses, we guarantee maximum groups of five students (usually three) divided by predicted grade and year to guarantee students of the same academic level in the particular subject! We have found that this allows for easier communication and facilitates learning for our students.


Our Unique Course Structure

Our IB & IGCSE Spring Revision courses are uniquely structured to cover a subject topic-by-topic in 18 hours over 3 days! We also include an exam question following the completion of each topic to hone exam technique. A full mock exam using past papers at the end of each course consolidates the material covered and ensures the students have a deep knowledge of the subject.


Our Personalized Approach and Scheduling

Since we offer a multitude of subjects at all levels, we create a personalized schedule for every single student that registers according to their academic level and needs.

Refunds in Case of Exam Cancellation

The past two years has been filled with uncertainty. This why TutorYou is offering a 70% refund on the price of all Revision Courses in case of IB or IGCSE Exam cancellation!


Extensive Experience in Organizing Revision Courses!

Having held IB & IGCSE Revision Courses for the past 6 years, we are confident that we can help you achieve your academic goals in a friendly, accommodating environment. Do not hesitate to contact us at support@tutoryou.eu or request information through our application forms!


Read about our 2019 Spring Revision Courses at the American School of Milan here




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  • Pre-IB, Mathematics Italian School to International School transfer, 5 days (5h per day)
    • Preparatory Courses to help students transferring from Italian school to the IB Diploma catch up with the levels of Maths as taught at the IB level.
  • Group IB & IGCSE Revision Courses, 3 Days (6h per day)
    • Groups groups of 5 students per class that are divided by grade and level, ensuring more individual attention, participation, and better communication between student and tutor.
  • Private IB & IGCSE Revision Courses, 2 Days (6h per day)
    • Students wanting an even more personalised experience can request a private revision course, in which the revision will be even more tailor-made for each individual student, focusing exactly on the areas that they need support with.

Subjects Available 

Pre-IB including:

  • Mathematics HL
  • Mathematics SL
  • Mathematical Studies
  • English Lang & Lit HL
  • English Lang & Lit SL
  • English Literature HL
  • English Literature SL

All IB (Year 12 & 13) including:

  • Mathematics HL & SL
  • Mathematics Studies
  • Economics HL & SL
  • Business Management HL & SL
  • Physics HL & SL
  • Chemistry HL & SL
  • Biology HL & SL
  • Environmental Systems & Societies
  • History HL & SL
  • Philosophy HL & SL
  • Geography HL & SL
  • English Lang & Lit HL & SL
  • English Literature HL & SL

All IGCSE /GCSE Subjects Including:

  • Biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • English First Language
  • English Second Language
  • English Literature
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Additional
  • Physics
  • Science


  • Extended Essay
  • TOK Essay
  • Personal Statement
  • Academic Writing & Research Technique