Who We are

TutorYou S.r.l. is a company based in Milan, Italy. It offers broad didactic and educational support services for students of all levels, providing them with training, assistance and tutoring services so that they might be better prepared to take exams such as the International Baccalaureate (IB), the IGCSE, the A/AS-Levels, for a smooth transition into university in Italy or abroad. TutorYou operates on the philosophy of “students helping other students”. Working closely with Italian and international schools, TutorYou S.r.l. has become a UCAS registered center. TutorYou’s goal is to create a single large network, in which students, tutors, schools and universities can get in touch with each other in a simple, fast and safe way. This educational project, with internationalization placed at its core, works to promote open education. It encourages interpersonal exchanges between students who, having already completed their training, have decided to make their skills and experience available to others by becoming tutors themselves.


What we do

Our goal at TutorYou S.r.l. is to connect hundreds of students and tutors around the world through a single digital platform. The use of this digital platform allows TutorYou to provide content which is highly technological and innovative. This system operates through the use of precise data provided by tutors and students, making timely and certified combinations, and guaranteeing an extraordinary level of service and reliable results. Thanks to this high level of detail, TutorYou is able to provide a meticulous picture of the academic background of the students and tutors who register on the platform. This data is processed through the application, in order to allow a quick and precise matching: students with certain needs or requests will be matched with the ideal tutor. Students with specific university ambitions will instead be matched with the TutorYou university consultant most suitable to their requests. The type and purpose of the courses offered by TutorYou S.r.l., all with a focus on technology, are as follows:

  1. Tutoring

Through TutorYou S.r.l. high school students can request the support of a tutor who offers them “peer to peer” advice through e-learning, on all available subjects in their school system but also on their educational path, helping them to achieve the highest academic and professional goals and to improve their grades. TutorYou offers academic tutoring in the IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma, GCSEs and IGCSEs (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) A-level (Advance Level) or AS-level (Advanced Supplementary level) and MYP ( Middle Year Program) for International Schools in Italy and UK Boarding Schools. Each student who requests TutorYou S.r.l. services is matched with the most appropriate tutor and is provided with an unique and personalized educational support system, and the chance to choose the topics and skills on which to focus. Once appointed, tutors work with students on one-to-one online sessions. Individual sessions are private lessons with qualified tutors who have previously taken the exam in the same subject or course of study as the students. Online tutoring allows for greater time flexibility.

  1. Revision courses

TutorYou S.r.l. provides students with revision courses four times a year, during which tutors assist students in numerous ways, Covering the entire syllabus of their given subject and preparing students for exams by going through past paper questions.The revision courses are intensive sessions on specific subjects, aimed at consolidating knowledge, filling any gaps in knowledge and clarifying doubts and uncertainties before the exams. TutorYou S.r.l. offer courses for each subject and grade in order to bring together students who are on the same level.

  1. Pre IB Courses

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma is an important international diploma ideal for students who want to be well prepared for university studies abroad. In particular, the IB offered by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) is an internationally recognized qualification, valid for university admission in more than 80 countries around the world, equivalent to the Italian Maturità. The diploma is awarded at the end of a two-year study cycle (equivalent to the last two years of secondary school). Thanks to the specific internationality of TutorYou, students are trained in a targeted manner under the guidance of qualified tutors, acquiring in-depth knowledge, particularly in subjects such as mathematics and English, for their transition into the IB program.

  1. Consulenza Universitaria

TutorYou S.r.l. offers personalized assistance and consultancy services for university applications. Students who request these services are assigned a personal tutor (graduate of the IB, and a current university student) who, thanks to their previous experience, guides them on their way to university. A university consultant assists the student throughout the entire process: in choosing the course, drafting the papers, motivation letters and admission applications. TutorYou S.r.l. offers admission application preparation services to British, American and European universities, including a personal statement and/or motivation letter writing guide, as well as preparation for oral interviews. In addition, TutorYou S.r.l. is included in the list of organizations recognized by UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). UCAS is the official body that performs administrative functions for all students wishing to enroll in courses at colleges and universities in the United Kingdom. As a recognized body, TutorYou S.r.l. participates in UCAS conferences and trainings. TutorYou also promotes the educational programs of its partner institutions (some of the best Italian, European and international universities) which organize workshops and university fairs in Italian high schools. These are opportunities that represent a great chance for students to meet university representatives and tutors. Throughout these events, promoted and organized by TutorYou, high school students can gather information, learn more about university degrees and meet students who are currently enrolled in a university course. The final goal is therefore to be able to manage all the frontend activity through the tutoryou.eu portal and any iOS and Android applications connected to it, while the Back Office activity is managed through the optimization and improvement of the Webased management system currently in use.


Start-up Innovativa

Proprietary software registration number: D000013610