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TutorYou’s flagship, IB tutoring: Our International Baccalaureate tutors have an average score of 42/45 and top marks in the subjects they tutor. They’ve been there, done that, and they’ve succeeded.

Our tutors have recent, first-hand knowledge of their subjects and  provide educational support that suits the individual requirements of each tutee. Combining vast academic knowledge with a tailor-made approach to teaching, we will ensure your studies are successful.

How can a tutor support the student’s learning?

  • Syllabus overview
  • Revision of material shown in class
  • Support with Internal Assessments
  • Guidance for the Extended Essay & TOK assignments
  • Exam preparation

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Some of our Google Reviews:


“A group of knowledgeable, sensitive and helpful young people. Thanks to their support, we went into the final exams more confident and motivated and significantly improved our predicted grades. Thank you all!”


– Laura Ranise


“Tutors were always available for lessons, questions, providing and material and much more. Very professional and allowed me to study while also enjoying myself. Teaching was concise and straight to the point, while some subjects were investigated on a deeper level when needed.”

– Federico Cocchis


“Tutor you helped me to improve my theoretical and practical skills. It has also allowed me to manage my time more efficiently with the help of the tutors. I highly recommend it, I couldn’t have passed the IB without it!”


– Bianca Carli

Private Tutoring

Our tutors have an average IB score of 42/45 and top marks in the subjects they tutor. They study at some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Our rigorous screening process ensures that TutorYou’s tutors are the best of the best.

Blending a personal approach with traditional inquiry-based learning, our tutors are guaranteed to help you reach your academic potential. Our philosophy is simple but effective:

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We believe that tutors who completed the very qualification they teach can provide a unique insight into the program to their tutees. Students work alongside a tutor who is not only their mentor, but also their peer.

Internal Assessment Support

Our experienced tutors can help support you with all your internal assessments. You’ll get everything from step-by-step guidance before starting to detailed feedback once you’ve finished the first draft.

Extended Essay Support

Our expert team of tutors have been there and survived the process. From picking the right topic to submitting 4,000 words you’re proud of, we’re with you every step of the way.

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Join our 1000+ satisfied students and start working towards a better future for you.

Meet some of our Tutors:


Alessandro got 43 in his IB Diploma and is currently doing his bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London. He tutors IB Mathematics and Physics.


Elena completed the IB with 43 points and studies Economic and Social Scienes at Bocconi University in Milan. She tutors Economics HL, Mathematics SL, and History SL.


Edoardo achieved a perfect score of 45 on his IB. He currently studies at Northwestern University, and double majors in Mechanical Engineering and Economics


Luca graduated with a 44 in the IB diploma and Currently studies Economics and Business at University College London. He tutors Physics and Economics HL, as well as Mathematics SL.


Celine achieved a 43 in her IB Diploma and currently studies Songwriting and Creative Artistry at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guilford, UK. She tutors English and Business HL.


Shreya scored a perfect 45 in her IB Diploma and studies Microbiology at Imperial College London. She excels in tutoring Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry at both HL and SL.


Esha completed the IB diploma with 44 points and currently studies Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Warwick University. She can tutor Economics and Business, at both HL & SL


Sofia achieved a 40 in the IB and is currently doing a Foundation in Fine Art at Central Saint Martin’s. She helps aspiring art and design students with their application, including personal statements and portfolios.

Other services that may interest you:

Tailor-made Learning Plans

Our experienced team can consult you on how to achieve your objectives with tailor-made learning plans and academic consulting. 

University Consulting & Application Support

Maximise your chances of admission with TutorYou’s University Consulting & Application Support, or find the perfect destination for your Study Abroad experience.

IB & IGCSE Revision Courses

Intensive preparation for the IB & IGSCE Exams, designed to prepare you for exam success

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