Bespoke Learning Plans

A study schedule and plan curated just for you by our expert educational consultants. Overcome procrastination, time management issues, and academic anxiety to maximise your academic potential

Academic Consulting

Our expert educational consultants can help you choose the right programme, school, and subjects for you. Make sure that the decisions you are making for your academic future are right for you.

A learning plan made just for you!

Overcome Procrastination & Time Management

Our bespoke learning plans can help you overcome issues with procrastination and time management to help you excel academically and reach your potential.

Customised Schedule & Study Methods

We will propose a schedule made just for you, combined with a proposal for study methods from our educational advisors to help you succeed.

Support from Top Tutors, Educators & Consultants

Our tutors and educational advisers will work by your side the whole time that you’re with us, making sure that you are on track to achieve your goals.

Manage Learning Disabilities & Mental Health Disorders

Learning disabilities and mental health disorders can create barriers to learning for students, our education experts can help you learn how to balance your studies with these problems.

How it Works

Some of our Google Reviews:


“Tutors were always available for lessons, questions, providing and material and much more. Very professional and allowed me to study while also enjoying myself. Teaching was concise and straight to the point, while some subjects were investigated on a deeper level when needed.”

– Federico Cocchis


“Tutor you’s tutors are one better than the other. The quality Tutor You provides is extremely high and the level the tutors have is as strong. They know exactly how to help you in all the different cases and offer both content and exam technique. Every time I had an issue with a subject I would ask tutor you to provide a tutor for me and not only did they find a tutor for me in less than one hour, they would always give me tutors that would help me in exactly what I needed help for. Very precise system that takes into account a person’s difficulties and necessities and tries to find the best tutor to help with these. I was honestly so happy and satisfied every time I finished with one tutor. Totally thankful, they saved my IB life!”

– Federica


“Tutor you helped me to improve my theoretical and practical skills. It has also allowed me to manage my time more efficiently with the help of the tutors. I highly recommend it, I couldn’t have passed the IB without it!”


– Bianca Carli

Tailor-made schedule personalised for you


Time management and planning can make or break your study schedule. Our expert advisors can make a custom schedule just for you and help you master time management and be more efficient with the 24 hours in your day. Say goodbye to last minute scrambling to meet your deadlines!

Ongoing Support from our Education Consultants

Our education consultants will be by your side the whole time, making sure that you’re on track to meet your goals and that everything is going smoothly. They will support you with any unforeseen changes or problems that you may encounter and provide you with  all the help you may need.

Hand-picked tutors by our Expert Advisors


After evaluating your profile and talking to you, we will hand-pick the perfect tutors to make sure that you are compatible both academically and personally. With us, you know that you will have the right people working with you and helping you.

Overcome procrastination, time management issues, and academic anxiety

Many students never learn how to learn. TutorYou can help you tackle procrastination and time management issues and get the better of your academic anxiety. Our bespoke learning plans can help you learn understand what kind of student you are and give you invaluable lessons that will stay with you for your whole future.

Support for students with Learning Disabilities & Mental Health Disorders


Learning disabilities and mental health disorders can pose mental and physical obstacles to a student’s academic path. Our educational advisors have spent years developing study plans and methods that can make these issues more manageable in a student’s academic career.

Support for students sitting Exams externally

If you are sitting your exams externally from your school for any reason, TutorYou can support you with following your curriculum and preparing for your exams in all of your subjects. We will create a bespoke learning plan that enables you to stay on track with the schedule necessary to pass your exams with flying colours.

What are you waiting for? 

Join our 1700+ satisfied students and start working towards a better future for you.

Meet some of our Tutors:


Alessandro got 43 in his IB Diploma and is currently doing his bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London. He tutors IB Mathematics and Physics.


Elena completed the IB with 43 points and studies Economic and Social Scienes at Bocconi University in Milan. She tutors Economics HL, Mathematics SL, and History SL.


Edoardo achieved a perfect score of 45 on his IB. He currently studies at Northwestern University, and double majors in Mechanical Engineering and Economics


Luca graduated with a 44 in the IB diploma and Currently studies Economics and Business at University College London. He tutors Physics and Economics HL, as well as Mathematics SL.


Celine achieved a 43 in her IB Diploma and currently studies Songwriting and Creative Artistry at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guilford, UK. She tutors English and Business HL.


Shreya scored a perfect 45 in her IB Diploma and studies Microbiology at Imperial College London. She excels in tutoring Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry at both HL and SL.


Esha completed the IB diploma with 44 points and currently studies Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Warwick University. She can tutor Economics and Business, at both HL & SL


Sofia achieved a 40 in the IB and is currently doing a Foundation in Fine Art at Central Saint Martin’s. She helps aspiring art and design students with their application, including personal statements and portfolios.

Academic Consulting



International Baccalaureate or A-Levels? IGCSEs or MYP? Cambridge or Edexcel? TutorYou can help you make the right decisions when choosing your academic programme.

School Selection

There are many fantastic schools to choose from and things to take into consideration when selecting the right place for your studies. TutorYou can help you find the right school for you.

Subject Selection

Deciding what subjects to take as your IB Higher Levels? Or which A-Levels you need for the university degree of your choice? TutorYou’s education experts are here to help!

Support with CAS

Struggling to find what to do for your Creative, Activity, and Service? TutorYou can assist you in identifying the best activities for you and find the right centres where you can do them.

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Excel academically with our 500+ brilliant tutors in the IB, A-Levels, IGCSE/GCSEs, and more.

University Consulting & Application Support

Maximise your chances of admission with TutorYou’s University Consulting & Application Support, or find the perfect destination for your Study Abroad experience.

IB & IGCSE Revision Courses

Intensive preparation for the IB & IGSCE Exams, designed to prepare you for exam success

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