IB, IGCEs, MYP, A Levels, SAT and University Consulting Tutors

We are always recruiting new tutors in all subjects on an on-going basis. If you are interested in becoming a tutor with TutorYou please email Alessia at mail to: with your CV (including IB/A Levels subjects and grades achieved), your IB/IGCSE/A-Level Certificate and a short covering letter explaining why you would like to become a private tutor.


If selected, you will be asked to attend an interview that may be on Skype, or in person, depending on your location. You will be able to ask any questions you may have and we will assess your suitability. If accepted as a tutor, we will let you know quite quickly. We will then get in touch with a welcome pack and offer you any additional support you may need before accepting the job. When a student requests tutoring in your subject we will contact you. There is no minimum time commitment with TutorYou so if you aren’t able to accept the job, we will understand. However, if you know you will be available over a certain period of time, please do let us know. Please do note that we expect all tutors to be familiar with the IB/MYP/GCSE/A Levels syllabus for their subject and all tutors must have access to a stable Internet connection.

As a Registered UCAS Centre, we also look for tutors who can offers extensive preparation services to apply to UK, US and European Universities, including Personal Statement, preparation for entrance exams and interviews, and guidance

We look forward to hearing from you!