TutorYou delivers summer residential courses in collaboration with colleges and universities offering innovative academic programmes, sports and extra-curricular activities, and community service volunteering programmes throughout the world.

One year abroad, Boarding School and Summer Residential Programs:

TutorYou promotes world-wide Summer Residential Programs in collaboration with Colleges and Universities. TutorYou offers help with the choice of a selection of the best Boarding Schools for Italian high school students, who decide to complete their fourth or final year abroad, before university. This allows them to gain a qualification from high profile UK institutions and successfully apply to UK and US Universities.

Academic activities in colleges and prestigious universities of the USA and the UK (some of which leading to University credit) will suite any interest or taste. Sports and extra-curricular activities from lower to secondary school students aged between 8 and 18 in USA, UK, Canada, China, France, Spain, Switzerland, and Austria. Community and Service project for students over 16.

Which Summer Programme?

We strongly believe that experiences away from home are extremely beneficial for students of all ages. Our large choice of programmes located around the world will not only bring you close to new cultures; they will also foster your personal growth, enrich your knowledge and improve your skills

We will evaluate your personal expectations, interests and future goals to guide you towards the choice of a targeted programme. Led and inspired by teachers who are experts in their fields, you will discover your talents and become self-aware of your abilities and attitudes, and finally able to make a choice about your future. A right summer programme is a unique development opportunity that can open the door to your dream career path!

Students will learn by attending lectures and learn about university departments while strengthening their CV’s through the countless extra-curricular activities. Everyone is special in his or her own way, be it a sport, a hobby or an academic discipline!

Sports and More

During these camps, students have fun while learning the importance of teamwork through a variety of different sports and activities that range from football, tennis, swimming and basketball to horse-riding, archery, lacrosse, windsurfing, waterskiing and golf. From dance, acting and production design, to carpentry and cooking.

Academic Programmes

TutorYou boasts an extraordinary selection of summer academic programmes; they span from archeology and architecture to mathematics, engineering and biotechnology; from biology, medicine and ethics, to international relations, economics, and entrepreneurship; from public debating and law, to criminology and espionage. From visual arts, photography and film, to drama and screenplay. From journalism and photojournalism, to an infinite number of language courses such as French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, French culture through film.

Community and Service or Volunteering Programmes

TutorYou is dedicated to helping and encouraging students to engage in voluntary projects. Many of these projects require a strong social interaction with people outside of the academic world. This provides them with insight into real life experiences and everyday problem solving.  Attending these programmes can strongly back-up applications to universities, particularly in the medical and health-related sectors.

Other ways to empower your summer

Preparatory programmes for international language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH: Key(KEY) – Preliminary (PET)- First Certificate (FCE)- Advanced (CAE)- Proficiency(CPE).

Intensive revision courses with our tutors for International Baccalaureate students who want to earn the best scoring IB Diploma.

Preparation for university admission tests such as UKCAT, BMAT, CAT and ELAT.

Preparatory sessions or programmes with our tutors for admission to British and American universities, including preparation for interviews and for SAT exams.



Academic Summer