TutorYou is a very organised tutoring network. We help students achieve their maximum potential in all IB subjects, giving them the opportunity to improve their grades with the support and close monitoring of a personal tutor. We are aware that the IB program is rigorous and challenging, and it can be sometimes difficult for students to reach top grades without the help of someone who has experience in the requirements of the IB diploma programme. This is why we offer a tailored and personal one-to-one support that can help the students achieve their most ambitious goals. Our tutors also offer support during the process of making University choices and applications. Please get in touch as we have tutors who are prepared to help you throughout the entire process. We can either offer guidance throughout the procedure, or can tailor a partial guidance to suit your needs. Tutors are also available for campus’ sites visits. They can chaperone you around the university rooms and accommodations and can take you with them to lectures or events. In this way you will experience live university life!

Why are we different?

TutorYou’s philosophy is :





TutorYou is a unique service composed of exceptionally motivated young individuals, who are endowed with an unrivalled talent. Our tutors guide high school students up the ladder leading to the highest International, academic and professional targets.

All of our tutors are ex-IB Students and most of them have also gone through the entire MYP and PYP programmes. They have therefore developed and ultimately absorbed the ethical and moral principles of the International Baccalaureate. This means that they inspire an attitude of academic honesty to the students, along with all the other core requirements that are the backbone of the IB student’s personal development. Furthermore, tutors often report an appreciation of the challenge they experience while sharing ideas and knowledge with equally motivated high school students, who are being taught by outstanding educators in their schools. This results to be intellectually stimulating for both students and tutors!

TutorYou by no means claims or intends to replace school academic service, nor it wants to generate shortcuts, or by-pass teachers in any way.

TutorYou simply offers extra support to students. Students who are new to the programme and are struggling, even with the basic steps required for embracing and succeeding in, this challenging path, as well as those who solely want to improve their grades. We believe that this is a unique and a precious resource for families.